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At Cheyenne Mountain Insurance Solutions, agents Carl and Patti Turner believe the customers should have access to the best preferred companies at the best rates available. We also have companies for those with  less than perfect insurance history. We are there for our customers when they need us. We want our customers to be with us for the long haul and not just for a renewal cycle or two. We do the shopping for you. We are an independent insurance agency serving Colorado Springs and surrounding areas since 2004. Having more preferred companies to choose from and our commitment to our customers is what makes Cheyenne Mountain Insurance Solutions the go to agency for Auto, Home and Life Insurance products.

As long term Colorado Springs residents we are very familier with the changing weather conditions which can impact driving conditions that can create automobile accidents or do damage to your home. This knowledge helps us to make sure our customers are covered properly on their auto and home policy's.

While most companies have gone to higher deductibles and actual cash value payouts for roof replacements, our companies offer reasonable deductibles and full replacement cost for roofs. We have companies that offer "vanishing deductibles", "accident forgiveness", "minor ticket violation forgiveness", "glass replacement", and they offer nice discounts too.

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